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Life Insurance protection comes in many forms, such as Unit Linked, Endowment, Money back, Term etc. Understanding the exact requirement and recommending a right solution with the right product is Akshaj’s forte.
Being a dedicated and reliable client representative and long standing relationship with all Insurance Companies allows Akshaj to research, advise, customize and negotiate suitable Insurance solutions at the best price.


Owners & Renters

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Auto Insurance

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Life & Health

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Travel Insurance

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Umbrella Policies

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Personal Items

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Other Policies

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is a vehicle insurance policy that is mandatory for vehicles like trucks, cars, jeeps, bikes, scooters, etc. This policy offers coverage to the vehicle owner/driver against financial losses that may occur due to accidents or other kinds of damages.

Having valid motor insurance is compulsory in India to protect vehicle owners from potential financial risks. It is the best form of security that you can acquire to prevent significant expenses that result after an accident. The Government poses the compulsion for the safety of the individuals who travel via motor vehicles daily.

No one can deny that buying a vehicle is the second most expensive investment in a person’s life after home. Thus, protecting the investment against unforeseen events is crucial. Considering the hike in the vehicle repair charges and the risks involved in driving, an unfortunate accident can put a big hole in your pocket.

The yearly premiums that you pay for the motor insurance policy are meagre as compared to the advantages and protection the coverage will offer you in case of mishaps. Though there are many misconceptions regarding the policy, it will most certainly compensate you against the physical damage that arises under different circumstances.



Believe it or not, driving in India has many associated risks. Millions of people own a driving license, and there is at least one vehicle in the household. Vehicles have become a crucial means of transportation, eliminating people’s need to travel via public transport. At the same time, we also know that an increased number of private vehicles also increases the risk of road accidents and rule-breaking. Accounting for such factors, it becomes critical to own a vehicle insurance policy. Besides that, let’s review the primary reasons to buy a comprehensive motor insurance policy.

Legal Requirement

The first reason is, of course, to follow the laws and regulations of the Government. A person should oblige to buy a motor insurance policy with minimum coverage before taking the vehicle out on the road.

Third-party Damage Coverage

With sufficient coverage, you can pay for the damages that occurred after a collision with a third-party. Without motor insurance, you’ll have to pay from your pocket, and an appropriate amount of coverage can take care of such expenses.

Security Against Theft

Theft is one of the most significant threats on a vehicle. But with a vehicle insurance policy, you are protected against theft, vandalism, and all man-made harmful activities.

Damage Expense Coverage

Paying outright for vehicle damage repairs will affect your financial condition. However, you can pay for such damages with the insurance even though the amount is hefty as long as you have enough coverage.

Insurance against Personal Injuries

Not every vehicle owner is lucky to get out of accidents without suffering from injuries. The motor insurance policy will pay for all the minor and major injuries that might occur due to accidents.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is like a financial security that you have for handling your medical expenses. Health insurance plans are like an investment that you make so that you can safeguard your hard-earned funds from being spent on expenses related to hospitalization, medicines, ambulance, doctor’s consultation and more. A health insurance policy can also be viewed as an agreement between you and your health insurance company that binds them to cover you financially in case of any medical emergency.

There are several types of health insurance plans in India. And, you should choose the best health insurance policy for yourself and your family so that you can relax when it comes to paying hefty medical bills. You not only get covered for the medical expenses with your health insurance plans, but also get facilities such as cashless treatment and quality health care at a reputed network hospital. Health insurance plans are like your friends that take away your financial burden in case of hospital related exigencies.


An effective medical insurance policy is essential because the prices of medicines and hospital treatments are rising day by day. If an accident or critical illness befalls you, it will cause a huge financial burden on you and your family. A hard-hitting truth is that whether your trip to hospital is planned or it comes as an unpleasant surprise, it is sure to cost you heavily. So, it’s better to have a protection of health insurance plans, that besides helping you manage your finances, also offer you several other benefits at very affordable premium rates. You can also check out various health insurance quotes online to figure out which one is most suited to your budget.
Here are 5 reasons that will make you understand the importance of having the best health insurance plan:

Your health insurance policy will ease your burden of paying heavy medical bills from out of your pocket. You can save your hard-earned money for living your life to the fullest, instead of spending a huge part of it on medical care. If you are worried about the premium rates, then please be assured that you can get an adequate health insurance policy at very affordable premium costs. You also get discounts like family discounts, which will allow you to keep the medical insurance plan’s coverage intact while paying a relatively low health insurance premium.

You can avail the benefit of cashless claims and quality medical care if you decide to get your treatment at a network hospital. A network hospital is a hospital that has an agreement with your health insurance company, which enables you to get the best treatment without having to shell out from your pocket.

In India, the payments you make towards your health insurance policies are eligible for tax deductions under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Health insurance plans in India not only cover you for hospitalization expenses, but also provide cover against critical illnesses, accident-related, maternity, consultations, check-ups and other such medical expenses with different types of health insurance plans.

If you are secured on the financial front, then even a trip to a hospital feels a little less stressed. Having medical insurance gives you the peace of mind that can help you relax in a tense situation.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance offers coverage against various types of emergencies like medical expenses. The medical expenses involve medical evaluation and repatriation, detaining checked-in baggage or absolute loss of checked-in baggage, forgotten connections, financial emergency assistance, and so on.

A travel insurance policy is an important piece of documentation that is beneficial when you travel abroad. We must buy a travel insurance policy in advance to cover the dates you’ve travelled on. Not only this, but travel insurance also provides you with the freedom to enjoy your trip without any interruptions.

So, always make sure that you have the right travel insurance policy that covers all your needs. Travel insurance can be availed for multiple or single trips, depending on your needs and budget.

The multi-trip travel insurance plan is handy for the frequent travellers and it insures all the multiple trips within the specified duration. The cost and coverage of travel insurance depending on the nature of the trip.

Always remember that a travel insurance policy is an investment because it’s something that you’re doing for yourself and your loved ones to keep them safe.


You need a travel insurance policy for various reasons like – 

✓   Overseas medical emergencies

✓   Delayed flights

✓   Country/Visa Requirements

✓   Loss/Delay of Luggage

✓   Cover for Natural Calamities or Human-made Disasters

✓   Missed Flights/ Trip Cancellation

✓   Study interruptions

✓   Flight hijack

 Do You Need A Travel Insurance Policy? : If that’s the question you’re battling with, read on to check the answer to this question! Medical expenses usually cost 3 to 5 times more in foreign countries. Around 25 million baggage are mislaid by airlines every year. Travel scams are very common in tourist-heavy countries.

So, it’s important not only to purchase a travel insurance plan but also to choose the right one. If you buy a travel insurance plan online, you’re safeguarding your trip against all the financial losses. Leave aside the financial backup and roaming around abroad without any adequate insurance coverage, as this can prove fatal at the times of an unfortunate event.

A lost passport or a missed flight are very scary situations for the tourists. One can feel lost even without an insurance cover in a variety of situations, so always keep a backup with travel insurance policy.

Home Insurance

When it comes to home insurance, India has traditionally lagged behind. However, buying a home insurance policy is something that should be on top of your list as soon as you have settled into your new home. After all, you’d want nothing but the best home insurance policy in India to ensure that your new home remains secure for many years to come. After all, the safety of your family is at stake, not to mention the lakhs and crores of rupees you have invested in your dream home. House insurance gives you a measure of certainty in an otherwise uncertain world. Fires, earthquakes, floods, landslides- things that mere boundary walls and barricades cannot hold at bay- have the potential to wipe out entire neighbourhoods. Even if the intensity of such natural disasters is less, a slight tremor or short spell of heavy rain can damage expensive electronic devices and other appliances in your house permanently. The risk of riots, theft or burglary cannot be fully discounted, either. A home insurance policy can be a silver lining in every adversity, whether natural or manmade. Whether you’re a tenant in a major metro or a small town, a house insurance policy can help you protect your belongings against a whole gamut of eventualities. Even if you prefer a minimalist lifestyle, with house insurance, your personal property such as laptops, televisions, furniture and other appliances are in safe hands.

If you cannot make up your mind whether to insure your home or its contents, cover both. This gives you the benefit of comprehensive coverage in an emergency and gives you complete peace of mind.

Cyber Insurance

Let’s play a quick word association game, shall we? When we say the word ‘internet’, what comes to your mind? Social media,Friends,Entertainment Ah, the gift of the internet. A time before the internet is quite unimaginable to us now. If we push our imagination a little, we may conclude that it was boring and sort of like a dark age. However, it was safer by a massive measure

However, in today’s world, it is almost impossible to function without exposing yourself to the online world, at least to a certain degree. And this makes one very vulnerable to the flip side.

Identify fraud, Phishing, Cyber stalking

You’re potentially exposed to these threats almost every day. What do you do then? Stop using the internet? Of course not! You find a way to protect yourself from potential cyber threats and risks.

The internet is, perhaps, the best and worst creation mankind has invented. With its benefits of connectivity, communication and convenience, it brings with it a set of new-age risks. These can range from misuse of your financial information and data theft to cyber stalking and identity theft.

We at Akshaj, understand such new-age risk factors and their impact. Team Akshaj ensures that you get optimum protection against potential cyber threats and risks.

Commercial Insurance

It’s said that making money is art and that good business is the best art. Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci? Take your pick. Well, our artistic skills are more modest but Team Akshaj will be good at Commercial Insurance solutions.
Running your business is a lot like creating a work of art. Like the deft strokes of a brush that transform a lifeless canvas into a beautiful masterpiece, your business thrives when you make prudent business decisions. But what if a natural or man-made calamity strikes tomorrow and sweeps it all away in a flash? 

Uncertainty in business is a fact of life. In an ideal world, nothing would ever go wrong and there would be no disasters. But in reality, just keeping your fingers crossed is not going to help. No wonder, risk and contingency management plans occupy so much of your time as a senior manager or business owner.

 Building resiliency into business processes requires taking the long-term view. You need adequate resource allocation, redundant IT solutions and well-defined outcomes to prevent losses when a crisis strikes. 

Business risks come in all shapes and sizes. From natural calamities like earthquakes, fires or floods to man-made ones like labour problems and lawsuits. Your management team needs adequate coverage too so that it can focus on the growth of your business. With Commercial Insurance, you can cater for such emergencies and go from being reactive to proactive. Commercial Insurance gives you additional options when an emergency threatens to destabilize your business. It can form the foundation of a strong, future-ready business that is capable of turning business risks into new opportunities for growth. Commercial Insurance empowers you to take business decisions with confidence.


Choosing the right insurance solution for your business really depends on the kind of industry you operate in. If you own a restaurant, your commercial insurance needs would be totally different to a farm business. Evaluate the risks you face carefully and decide what type of insurance coverage will best address them.

Broadly, each business needs to protect its primary assets like offices or warehouses and the employees that work in them. Here’s why:

Place of Business

Every business, irrespective of whether it is small large or medium, needs to ensure their registered office, warehouses or distribution centres are protected. In an emergency, this can go a long way to ensure that your business returns to operational status as early as possible.

Your investment in fixed assets like assembly lines and offices needs adequate protection. Commercial Insurance is recommended to accomplish this.

Operational Risks

During day to day operations, contingencies may arise. Labour unrest, outages and production problems can mean that you may not be able to meet delivery timelines and face potential legal complications. To ensure that such emergencies do not derail your business, opt for Commercial Insurance Liability Protection.

Employee Benefits

One of the most important cogs in the wheel of any business is its employees. Consider the risks that your employees are exposed to during the day to day manufacturing or assembly of goods as well as delivery of services. Providing adequate employee insurances helps you make sure that in the event of an emergency that results in the death or permanent disability of a co-worker, your business is not adversely affected.

Types of Commercial Insurance

Property Insurnace
Marine Insurance
Liability Insurnace
Financial Line Insurance
Engineering Insurnace
Energy Insurance
Employee Benefit Insurance
International Insurance Solutions